It Is Never Okay To Say The N-Word

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Let me be clear here white folks it is never okay for you to say the N-word.  NO you don’t love your black people.  NO you can not add an A or AH at the end and be cool.  I hate to be the thought police but, NO it is not okay to think it either, because if you are thinking it when you get drunk you’re going to say it.  We all know the real you comes out after a few shots.  Here is a case in point. Please don’t try to justify your racist behavior to me by telling me to you the definition is that of an ignorant person.  I am sure you have never ever ever used it to describe an ignorant white person, and if you have you are not only racist you are also stupid.  YES YOU ARE A RACIST, especially if you have to point out that your best friend is black and so is your niece.  Come on now we all know the deal now.  PLEASE CUT IT OUT, and no I do not forgive you!

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