My Names…

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Cheryl Diane Novak
Was here
And then she changed to
Cheryl Diane Dinkins
But Mr Dinkins loves Paula now
But before that
Cheryl Diane Dinkins
Changed to
Jumapili Alili Dikeledi Ikuseghan-Dinkins
But it didn’t matter because she was still
Cheryl Diane Novak
And then she became
Jumapili Alili Dikeledi Ikuseghan-Dinkins-Carroll
Then something like
Jumapili Alili Dikeledi Ikuseghan-Dinkins-Carroll-Davis
And on ward to
Jumapili Alili Dikeledi Ikuseghan-Dinkins-Carroll-Davis-Wiles
Though no matter what
She is
Cheryl Diane Novak
She is back to Jumapili Alili Dikeledi Ikuseghan-Dinkins
But she doesn’t know how to fix
Cheryl Diane Novak


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