Pauline Julian Mcgrath – Half Square Quilt Shop Is Disrespectful

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Pauline Julian McGrath of Half Square Quilt Shop in Saco, Maine and Illegitimate admin of the juki tl-2200qvp longarm quilting machine group on Facebook seems to have some kind of issue with treating people with respect. She thinks she can treat people in a bad way and not even discuss why she is behaving badly. Here is a letter I felt compelled to send to Juki America because of Pauline Julian McGrath’s conduct toward me and others in the Juki community online. At anytime Pauline Julian McGrath can feel to contact me so, she and I may come to a reasonable agreement. I am hopeful that we can do so. Up till now she has sadly chosen not to take this option though I have presented it to her in several ways. I am not going to go quietly into the night and let this pass. I am prepared to do whatever is within legal bounds to resolve this issue. All circumstance and contact information included in this document are publicly available on the internet.

Pauline Julian Mcgrath of Half Square Quilt Shop Thinks She Can Treat People with Disrespect with no consequences


Mr. Nitta,

Because you are the president of Juki America I am coming to you with a situation of great concern for both your companies reputation and the goodwill of the vibrant wonderful community of users of your machines.  I am asking for your assistance in this matter and am also offering up my assistance and expertise on a voluntary basis to help resolve the situation.

A few months ago I purchased a TL-2200 QVP model Long-arm.  As you know the learning curve on these machines can be a bit steep.  I looked around the internet for where I might find a community of users and found that in a facebook group named Juki TL-2200QVP Long-Arm Quilting Machine.  Upon reviewing the members it was clear that many employees of Juki, as well as Grace company, are members of the group.  This includes your very prominent educator Karen Pharr and Elbert Shirley who I believe is a support person for your company to name a few.  Because of this, I felt confident that I would be able to participate in the group and had the impression that Juki sanctioned the group because of the use of the trademark name.  There is no indication from the group’s description or rules that it is not.   I had been a member of the group for a few months and benefited greatly from the mentorship of the community and employees of both Juki and Grace addressing my issues.  Last Thursday this all change and I am very concerned and you should be also!  Let me explain why I need your help and why it is imperative you become involved in the resolution of this issue.

About 3 years ago a lady named Cassie took over the Juki TL-2200 LongArm Quilting Machine facebook group from another lady named Sandi who was the original found some 4 years ago. Sandi was terminally ill with cancer. She kinda passed the group on to Cassie before she died. It was as has been explained to me Sandi and her daughter’s wish that Cassie carried on the group in honor of Sandi’s love for LongArm quilting and her Juki.

About six months ago a woman named Pauline Julian McGrath who advertizes she is the owner Half Square Quilt Shop in Maine on Facebook. cultivated a relationship with Cassie and was able to gain her trust and Cassie made her an admin. As you can imagine and know the group has well over 1000 members and groups that size usually require more than one administrator.  Administrators add people and keep the conversations on point.

Last Thursday morning Cassie because of some personal issues and time constraints came to the group and asked for some additional assistance to moderate the group. This is where I came into the picture. That morning after I responded to her request Cassie interviewed me for a position and accepted me as a Moderator/Admin, I also agreed given my extensive tech and Facebook experience to help try to grow the group even more.  . Please feel free to check my Facebook page and resume.  l am an experienced professional tech person with a legal background. As well as being a disabled veteran I stay home and my quilting is my therapy, I have invested a great deal of money in it and in Juki particularly as I have your Long-arm and quilting machines. I am easy to google given my name. My online presence will verify I am who I say I am and am about what I say I am about.

What happened late Thursday night or Early Friday morning absolutely blew my mind.  Pauline Julian McGrath of Half Square Quilt Shop basically hijacked the group by demoting Cassie and me and then also banned us both from the group without so much as a word to either of us what her motivations where.  I have never had any interaction with Pauline Julian McGrath except for in the threads and have always stayed on subject point so there and never been any rock and roll between she and I. Needless to say I was very surprised and confused… at first, I thought I was mistaken about what group I had agreed to help with.  That was until I called Cassie and through sobs, she tried to figure out with me what had happened.   You can imagine how Cassie is feeling now after committing to this group for 3 years or so and with Sandi’s legacy as well as the good name of Juki at stake.  She is devastated, confused and concerned as I am about what could happen to our wonderful community.

In an attempt to understand what happened I asked Cassie to provide me a transcript of private messages withPauline Julian McGrath of Half Square Quilt Shop in reference to coordinating the administration of the group.  I read them very carefully and I can tell you this is completely out of the blue given the conversations.  There were no disagreements. No indication that there was anything wrong between them. What is apparent though is that Pauline Julian McGrath of Half Square Quilt Shop groomed Cassie to get control of the group she inherited and built for so many years.  Now I can only wonder if it was her intention to do something like highjack the group all along for personal gain or power. I am sure given your position you can understand how distressing it would be if someone highjacked something you had worked on and committed to for so long. It has been devastating for Cassie and I am trying to help her as I committed to doing when she interviewed me to assist with the group before this strange event.  I would be happy to send you the pm threads between Pauline Julian McGrath and Cassie so you can further verify the veracity of my claims.

Both Cassie and I attempted to resolve this directly with Pauline Julian McGrath of Half Square Quilt Shop directly by calling her, Pauline Julian McGrath of Half Square Quilt Shop told both of us in very rudely in separate calls that she didn’t know who we were or what we were talking about and hung up on us.  She has refused to speak with us or answer any of our emails or attempts to contact her through Facebook.

I have a few serious concerns and Juki corporation should have them also.

1. The group carries the Juki trademark name. There is nothing that makes it clear it is not affiliated with Juki. Additionally, there are many members who work at Juki and so there could miss conception that Juki sponsors or sanctions the group. Certainly, my feeling and probably other people will feel the same is that we have spent 10K+ on this machine and it is one of the few places we can come and get assistance. Rock and Roll and drama with the companies name associated with the group could become a real liability to Juki.

2. Someone who controls a niche group with such solid following could do immense damage to the Juki name as well as to the community as a whole by pitting members against each other.  Or excluding people who rightfully should be members of the group.  This reflects badly on Juki.

3. They could also use the reach because of the size of such a group for their own financial gain and take advantage of the group’s membership. Which again could reflect badly on the Juki’s company name.

I am asking that you help me in resolving this issue because of your prominent position in our community and as the leader of Juki.   I am sure the good name of the company is of utmost importance to you as well as the goodwill of your customers.   Some solutions to this issues might be that your company can contact Pauline Julian McGrath of Half Square Quilt Shop directly and give her a cease and desist and tell her to return control of the group back to the original administrator.  I have included her company and contact information to give you a head start.  Since Juki owns the Trademark name they have the ability to go to Facebook and recover the hijacked group. Having worked extensively with Facebook in the past (in fact I was the founder of the company that created the image uploader that Facebook uses to allow users to manage their photos on the system.) I am willing to help Juki navigate this on a voluntary basis.

These circumstances have definitely peaked my keen sense of justice and I am moved to help Cassie as she is personally devastated by this and Juki is at great risk of being tarnished by one individual power grab and just flat out bad behavior

I hope that you will contact me as soon as possible so we might discuss this situation before it gets out of hand and any further damage is done to the community or Juki’s company reputation.

Thank you in advance for your consideration in this matter.

Jumapili A.D Ikuseghan


Pauline Julian McGrath

Pauline Julian McGrath

2 Wharf St
Saco, ME 04072
Send Mail

Half Square Quilt Shop

Half Square Quilt Shop

15 Pepperell Square
Saco, Maine 04072
Send Mail

New England Northern Lights- Education Division

New England Northern
Lights: Education Division

5 Alfred St
Sexton Professional Bldg
Suite 204
Biddeford, Maine 04005

Pauline Julian McGrath - Half Square Quilt Shop - Gammill


What makes you think you
should be the lone admin for
a Juki group when you
own a Gammill?

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