Will Critical Flaws Persist Forever

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Here is just another example of how things on the internet live on in perpetuity.  The article below was written in 2008. If you do a google search for my name, it ranks #5 on the first result page in 2013.

Rereading the article today reminded me of this crisis all to well.  Just stop and think —— I was responsible for answering for a mistake a company I was a founder of had made which literally effected millions and millions of customers world-wide.  I hope it comes across as being done with grace, but I can assure you I was in a panic and didn’t even know it was going on until Gregg called me on my cell for a quote.  Reporters can be amazing.  As he was telling me I was texting the team in Russia to get everyone up and working on the issue, which thankfully with the help of MySpace and Facebook engineers we were able to contain within a few days.  Let me toot my own horn – that’s not only grace but proof I can be a good team builder, can anyone remember what fierce competitors Facebook and MySpace were back then!

When we make a mistake it is always better to own up to it, work to fix it, and move on.  The worst thing you can do and I have seen to much of this in the last few days, is threatening to sue everyone in the world Blaming every negative review or failure on your part on your peers come across as childish and unprofessional.  It is so sad and obvious when people who cry about their competitors going out of their way to sabotage them, don’t even understand they have no competitors. BECAUSE THEY ARE NO COMPETITION AT ALL!


Critical flaws found in Myspace, Facebook ActiveX controls by @Gregg_Keizer

The president of Aurigma’s North American operations and one of the company’s founders would not confirm or deny that Facebook and MySpace even licensed its Image Uploader ActiveX control. However, she did say that Aurigma is aware of the vulnerability reports and is addressing the problem. “We have engineers working on this,” said Jumapili Ikuseghan. “We’ve also notified our customers and we expect to have a fix for this in a few hours.”[/box]

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