4D/5D Professional HASP Key Work Around

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That HASP key small and worth its weight in gold.  Break it or lose it and you will have to purchase your 4D/5D Professional program again… or at the very least pay some unreal high price to replace the key… which they will only let you do if you break it and if you can return the broken key to them.  This being the case I would like to never ever ever move this little itty bitty piece of gold not even around my own house… Hell I cant find my car keys half the time… can you image where this thing would end up….

Another problem sewing machines in different room than your computer…  I have tried those  Silex Technology Devices in a word they SUCK.  I would gage my ability with computers as advanced.  Okay I have worked as a network engineer not only that but I have better people with computers working for me and they can’t get them to work correctly.  The biggest problem is that they are really only good for transferring design files to the machine that is if they work.  But lets say you want to update your machine.  Okay then you have to take the machine out of that nice little space you have it in tote it into the other room and find a spot safe enough and clear enough to place it.  Have you lugged your Creative Vision or Brother 400oD around lately they are heavy and large… WHATEVER… If you have a Viking SE or Designer you are better off but still… WHATEVER….  It is much easier to carry you laptop over to the machine… hook it up… do your updates… or have the laptop near so you can make modification to a design if you need to.

Wanna use you software on more than one computer…  I have 3 computers that use in my home.  Mostly because they are in different room… Have you notice your HASP key knows if you are using remote desktop.  So if you are laying in your bed and would like to work on a design you are digitizing… You would think you could remote desktop on over to you main machine… and work on it.  Oh no it doesn’t work that way you get and error.

Look I paid almost like $2400 dollars for this software… It needs to work for me.  I am not trying to let anyone else use it… I just want to be able to use it in a way that works for me…  So I have lamented I wish I could hook the HASP key up to the network and use it with the computer I want to use it with… Until recently that was a dream… Okay know that dream is a reality now.  It is not a free reality but it is a not nearly as expensive as another copy of  4D Professional.


The Belkin USB Hub what a sweet piece of blinky blinky computer bling.  Get one and start using you HASP key across the network… no problem at all.  Once machine at a time of course… But know I can work on 4D professional at my desk… feeling lazy wanna go laydown and keep on digitizing save my file… release the HASP key… go upstairs and work on my laptop while watching TV and loving a puppy…

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