DON’T TRAMP ON MY FREE SPEECH – Donald Trump and The Interview Movie

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Or Make me agree with Donald Trump. ‪#‎theinterviewmovie‬

I wonder how many of you have been paying attention the problem over at Sony and the recent hacking. Amid threats from the hackers that they would blow up movie theaters if the movie The Interview Movie was to be released next week. These balless, soulless money-grubbing studio executives have actually caved and will not be releasing the movie. I don’t believe for one second it is because of these half backed threats. It’s all about more release of embarrassing material. Really it comes as no surprise you are a bunch of racist snarky assholes. LET your scum bag freak flag fly, but don’t blow smoke up my MC Vest with this pseudo concern for public safety.

I will tell you what needs to happen here… They need to release The Interview Movie to the public for free. Let them North Korean Cyber Terrorists threaten to blow us all up in our homes and on the bus while we stream it on Netflix.

WTF is wrong with people. North Korea is a public nuisance and we need to stand up and flip them the FIRST AMENDMENT BIRD.

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