Highline College – Why Are You Wasting My Tax Dollars and Tuition on CANVAS

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I am on a roll today after having to do a completely, what I feel was a horribly thought out assignment, in my Legal 135 – Law Office Technology at Highline College.  There was mass confusion over this assignment and I am not the only soul banging on what a mess it was… and how difficult it was to figure out what the instructor wanted given all the Fuckery in Canvas and class.


This assignment prompted me to send my teacher and post to the discussion board the following comment when I submitted the exercise 11 portion of the assignment.

Assignment 11

Under what conditions would you turn a reply brief into a memo and what would the proper format for that be? Given the confusion and consternation the person spice to assignments creates, why not just follow the book, (which despite the cost of $171 is of low quality and rather confusing in itself) where we have the resources on hand to actually derive some value… from the assignment? And why in the world would I place something like this in a portfolio? When did we all come to the prayer meeting and decide we were going to create a portfolio of documents written by someone else as representative of our work to an attorney?

Considering that I myself teach microsoft word at the college level and I found this assignment not only difficult but of little real world application, given how it was presented, I can only imagine what other feel about this. I have often said this, in case it is not clear, community college unlike traditional university is more a supplemental education or vocational education. That usually means we have lives outside of this, confusing and contradicting assignments are rather pointless and painful. I don’t want to even get on the consumer protection issues apparent to me when I as a tuition payer and tax paying supporter of state education feel so let down over stuff like this.

Can I get an Amen?

Highline College Canvas Discussion Board Post

Highline College Canvas Discussion Board Post

Then I notice him reminding me to to submit the assignment, HUH?  In the interest of fairness he had done that before I submitted it but by this time I was completely out done.  Oh ya and it was 5-12 or maybe it was 6-12, hell at this point I am not sure…

Screenshot 2015-04-13 00.22.43

Exercises for Chapter Two (Part I)

Exercises for Chapter Two (Part I)

Unless I have been rendered completely brain dead by exercise 11, which is quite possibly the case, the other portion of the assignment was submitted in the traditional way. I am flabbergasted being a person who has developed and tested for usability highly sophisticated software used by companies like facebook and microsoft where the failure of understanding in usability on the part of staff is for such a simple piece of Software as Service (SAS) like Canvas is. The complete lack of training, which is truly not your fault but the fault of the institution who require you use and subject us to it, is beyond my comprehension. The problem with requiring that 8 separate assignments must be submitted under one assignment is, the software was not designed to work that way. So having to upload one portion of the assignment after the deadline would make all of the assignment late because it overwrites the last submission. It is sad that software such as canvas which spend years in development and testing for usability and understanding has been so bastardized in the wild by a complete lack of what appears to be even minimal training on the part of institutions that have spent millions of our taxpayer dollars to implement it. Again I digress into my consumer protection concerns or is it fraud waste and abuse concern?

I am sorry I don’t mean to make an enemy out of you, chalk it up to the cancer pain, drugs and general egotistical nature of my personality but I am to through. Sadly despite the cost in both the emotional and psychological pain it causes me to continue to go to school it is actually half the cost of paying the student loans I racked up getting a masters in computer science. Since my ability to work has been drastically reduced due to my illness and there is little government compassionate relief concerning these types of matters I am stuck.

Please let me know if you despite what I am seeing in canvas and if the assignment is not really submitted, I will email it to you. By the way have I said I am a free speech advocate… the more provocative the better which is also why I am doing this to myself. The going to school for law since computer science really is a young person’s game. I am getting too old and cranky for this.

I also have to say in interest of fairness since I have been diagnosed with breast cancer my instructors have been very accommodating and I do appreciate that.

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