Highline Community College’s IT Department Fails Again – Jack Bermingham

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I am wondering if Highline College even knows what a Facebook page is for? Let me clue you in social media department, one very good use is to notify your consumers that you might be having issues an apologize.

First off the schools website is down yet again.

Highline Community College Website JAN 22., 2014

Highline Community College Website JAN 22., 2014

Then I find out when I went to do homework, which we are told over and over again there is no excuse to be late on, that Canvas is also down.

Highline Community College Canvas Page JAN 22, 2014

Highline Community College Canvas Page JAN 22, 2014

I love it… do you see how issu [sic] was spelled?  WHAT A HOOT. I guess their hope to hae [sic] solution worked out for me. This is too easy… I am feeling like a bit of a bully picking on someone weaker and smaller than myself except they are not.  Yes my precious little snowflakes that is MILLIONS!

It appears none of our tuition or tax dollars are going to the IT department aka house of clowns. I suspect all that money is helping pay for the salary and locked doors President Jack Bermingham hides behind so he can avoid addressing issues like this with his consumers.  Let there be no confusion students and tax payers are your consumers.

Jack Berminham - Highline Community College - Salary

Jack Berminham – Highline Community College – Salary

Hey Jack…ass do you really think you can avoid being responsible for your charges… Unless I have somehow missed it (which is not likely) your failure to respond to my concerns just fuels the fire.  While you are over there cowering behind those locked doors and your poor administrative assistant here is a little light reading for you.

Company Reputation Management With Social Media

Ironically, sometimes not participating on social media can be the moment when things go wrong.

The Right Way to Admit You Made a Mistake in Business

Act quickly. An apology seems forced when your mistake becomes known to the entire world.  Take the high road – as soon as you realize the mistake, communicate with those who will be affected by it.

The Art of Admitting Failure

In a world filled with real-time, tell-all social media, your ability to hide from your failures is, well, non-existent. You are much better off admitting that something is wrong and addressing it in as authentic and transparent a way as possible.

When you figure out you got a problem over there call me I might be able to help you out.

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