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Okay so after all of this hoopla today with Kayzoe Marketing LLC , I took some time to give a hard long look at their website.  I am not sure what to make of what I found.  Hey I can be pretty bad at grammar and spelling myself.  To many years of working on a computer have made me lazy and stupid when it comes to my own proofreading.  I am constantly reading and re-reading everything I type.  So let me not be overly harsh on this point,  but you would think a company that has a, and I am quoting Mark, “PR FIRM’ that can spend time whining to Yelp, might not a better use of their time be “PR”ing your website.  Believe me tightening that up will do more to help you than any harm you perceive I did by a Yelp Post.

BUT WAIT FOR IT… Here is where the site takes the cake!!!!  How many web development companies have you ever seen use WordPress templates right off of the original developers site and post them as their portfolio.  I have never in 20 years of working in this industry seen anything like it.  Now I know a lot of us buy templates and modify them heavily sometimes not so heavily but to represent the templates as your portfolio, smacks of dishonesty to me. Maybe it is just plain lazy? Instead of threatening me for pointing out your poor pre employment (or really pre trying to get work for free) tactics or trying to impress me with your arrogance and lack of understanding about the RCW’s, you might have taken this as an opportunity to improve.  Instead it seemed you spent the whole afternoon trying to figure out how to highlight  felony in the email you clearly copied and pasted willy nilly from the Revised Code Of Washington.  The whole reading me my rights act like you are some kinda copper was a hoot.

Just so you understand how anti harassment orders works in Washington.  You can’t bring charges against anyone for a misdemeanor,  felony or any other thing you create in your seemingly confused mind .  You may go to court and request an order but I can tell you right now your on shaky ground for cause.  As I have stated it is unlikely that court is going to determine that an honest review of how I perceived your actions is either defamation or harassment   Since it has been you Andrei Buiciuc and your employee Mark calling and emailing me in direct response to my review on Yelp,  exactly who is harassing who?  Before I made that review I was like a ghost to you. Most any reasonable person can see you are behaving like a bully. But to make the argument fair lets just say you are granted an order then only if the order is violated can you report that to the police which in turn will refer it to a prosecutor to determine if charges should be brought. So please stop with the DRAMATICS!!!!  You have no standing to provide me with an Official Warning of Pending Misdemeanor/Felony charges,  get over yourself.

Additionally it is kinda low to bring poor Pria into this, she was pretty upset and surprised today when I called to tell her about your email, her husband I can only image less thrilled.  Pria having just immigrated to the United States from India is at a clear disadvantage to understand what our employment practices are, I assure you I AM NOT.  I have been aware all along how Pria was handled by your company also.  Your email sure represents as though she is a prepared to witness to something that didn’t happen.  She and I both seemed to be in agreement in our disappointment that her name was used to further your threatening behavior.

You should have had whom ever “ADVISED” you of this silly course of action to send me a direct email, but then again I wouldn’t have gotten such a good laugh or maybe I would have.  I suspect you are just making it up as you go along.

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 10.29.49 PM

LET’s BE PERFECTLY CLEAR HERE AND LET ME SAY AGAIN — It is in not defamation when you relay spoken or written communication that is not intentionally false.  Nor is it harassment to respond back to YOUR emails and phone calls. Fire that PR firm they really are giving you bad advice. Take a few law courses with the money you save. (I have, oh wait that was law school not a few classes).  This is just the kind of response that gets companies in trouble over and over again, but I won’t even waste time providing documentation on that.  Do a little work on your own.  Just try to pay a little better attention to the optics, geez you are making this too damn easy.

Please produce this so-called email, but be advised my email sits on my own companies web servers so I  can surely produce the logs that will show its validity or not.

‘s Sad Little Not So Much Their Own Portfolio

[slickr-flickr search=”sets” set=”72157633800669325″ type=”gallery” size=”original”]

Not only are they using the templates right off of Elegant Themes without any modification, but they can’t seem to get their short code right and so pages 2 and 3 are broken.  Oh ya and then there is that problem of having to hit web twice in the main navigation for it to even go to the portfolio. Attention to detail Andrei Buiciuc, attention to detail.

And here is Elegant Themes Site:

[slickr-flickr search=”sets” set=”72157633801936520″ type=”gallery” size=”original”]

While we are all quoting terms of uses and RCWs.  Lets quote Elegant Themes Terms And Conditions, I’m just saying????

[slickr-flickr search=”sets” set=”72157633801845808″ type=”gallery” size=”original”]

So you understand little boy here is how it’s supposed to be done, my company’s website using the ElegantThemes Fusion Theme. I do this all by myself, I don’t have a bunch of I can only imagine are under paid or free minions. I know “I didn’t make” it into you so-called “program” cause why would you want someone around who is clearly better at it. I call bullshit…

You can be sure I will be running to ElegantThemes and doing the whining game… LMFAO.  Just to rub it in here is my portfolio.

[slickr-flickr search=”sets” set=”72157622078387599″ type=”gallery” items=”100″]


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