Response to A Chris Matthews Comment

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I wrote Chris Matthews and email this eveing in response to his comment that the republicans had to “Outsource” their response to Barrack Obama’s address.  Here is that email, lets see if I get a response.

Mr. Matthews in general I do love your show and your outlook on politics, but tonight I heard you say something that made me pause.  I am bringing this up because I remember the situation before I believe it was where someone said you were being sexist and you came back and discussed it on your show.  Tonight in reference to Gov Jindal you use the term that the Republicans had to outsource their response.  This hit a nerve because of the current situation with the Monkey cartoon and what inferences were drawn from it.  I might point out that when people think of outsourcing the my think first about tech jobs going to India.  It might be said that your used that reference because Gov Jindal is Indian.  I myself don’t think that is what you meant but then again it does show how these things can happen.

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