I’d like to Take a Moment to Review the Ways in Which You Are a Douchbag

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[box type=”bio”]20131229Now that is funny… I guess this just goes to show how dumb uneducated people are…  If your posts are so offensive to prompt me to  write ”I’d like to Take a Moment to Review the Ways in Which You Are a Douchbag” Why is your response to defriended me?  Oh my feelings are hurt smdh. If you going to step up to the plate with crazy don’t be surprised when someone calls you on it. LMFAO… [/box]

FaceBook Exchange With Tena Stelly-Sumner

FaceBook Exchange With Tena Stelly-Sumner

Since this all started with a Sorkin rant lets continue it with another …”I’d like to Take a Moment to Review the Ways in Which You Are a Douchbag”

I am not sure what you meant by this “just shows how dumb most so called educated people are” In fact even though this clip is from a factional television program called The NewsRoom. The statistics he quotes are pretty much on point. And incase you don’t understand, which clearly you don’t he is showing by giving these statistics why this “idea” of American Exceptionalism is mostly in our own heads.

Your comment’s show that you who, after taking some time today to read your Facebook page, appear to be 1. A woman 2. A mother. 3 Possibly of mixed race.

Let me make this point clear so that no one can misconstrue what I am saying. If you are mix race in this country, this America, yes this one I am sitting in right now, YOU ARE NOT WHITE. Therefore, that conservative “rich white folks” crazy we only say when we are in a room of our own other “rich white folks” crazy that you spewed back at me makes it clear you have, drank the Kool Aide. To make this point just a bit more, I am 3 generation off the boat of European decent. I have not been running around here passing, these are my peoples. So, I have unfortunately found myself a time or two or three in a room where a bunch of “rich white folk” crazy are saying the same things you did. However, it is usually more eloquent and defiantly more coherent, and still no less than unequivocally WRONG.

I am puzzled as to why you commented “and just an fyi..its pretty apparent you have not been to mexico, asia or any other middle eastern country because they have no health benefits…” I refer you back to “and even though my Korean is not so great… kinda like a baby. I lived there for 3 years and had car insurance and was able to get housing and a license.”

Korea is in ASIA. And after 12 years in the United States Army I have probably been boots on the ground in more Middle Eastern countries than you could recite the names for or point out on a globe. As for Mexico, yes you are absolutely right, I have never had the pleasure. However, just a little farther south again probably more than you can list.

I am just sitting here rereading your posts and am almost at a loss for where to start from, so let me try a bulleted list.

Illegal Immigrants don’t get section 8, welfare or SNAP. On a side note they are also prohibited from applying or obtaining Health Insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

So what if Illegal Aliens get drivers licenses or car insurance. All the better for us really, at least they passed the driving test and well if the hit one of us red white and blue “True Americans” we can sue.

Most companies who give FMLA are 50+ employee companies. While I am only venturing to say that companies who have grown to this size probably do I’9’s also.

I am of course being a VET myself very concerned with VET homelessness. But I assure you that few “Illegal Alien” are taking up beds designated for Veterans. Since if you are an Illegal Alien you can’t join our armed forces. But if you have residency and do join the military you can become a citizen faster. Doesn’t seem like a bad trade off for us True Americans”. I mean I will let you be one of us if you play Russian roulette with your life for my “Freedom to be an Idiot and shop at WalMart”

Now of course I can’t pretend to know every single case of women having babies in toilets but, I have never heard of one who did it because she didn’t have health insurance. The issues revolving around woman who do this are vastly more complicated, even than this foreigner plot to steal and kill us all.

And MOST IMPORTANTLY 9-11. Let me quote another person… “We bombed Hiroshima, we bombed Nagasaki, and we nuked far more than the thousands in New York and the Pentagon, and we never batted an eye… and now we are indignant, because the stuff we have done overseas is now brought back into our own front yards. America’s chickens are coming home to roost.” Jeremy Wright. Isn’t that a revised requote of Malcom X ’s “chickens coming home to roost never did make me sad; they’ve always made me glad.” in reference to the Kennedy assassination. Yes I repeated that just now, and even said the day I was watching it on the tv happen, “well I am not surprised”.

“Violence begets violence. Hatred begets hatred. And terrorism begets terrorism…the people that we have wounded don’t have the military capability we have. But they do have individuals who are willing to die and take thousands with them. And we need to come to grips with that.”

Let me end with this… That hate you are spewing, you are of course as a “True American” free to feel it. Even free to say it, even though it is offensive. You can thank me later. But girl it is not a good look.

Tena Stelly-Sumner
just shows how dumb most so called educated people are…what I want to know..is why in the hell do we the US have to conform to Hispanics, muslims and Asians…why do we need to learn their language? ist not like we can go to Mexico and get their government benefits and get away with speaking english…if we go there we have no choice but to speak their language.so why isn’t the US demanding that of those whom aren’t US citizens???..no.. instead we are giving them US ID’s and Drivers licenses..and you can get car insurance with no drivers license….oh and we even give out fake social’s called ITIN#’s..I think the government needs to FIX the problems our US citizens have, limit welfare to ONLY US citizens, Limit FMLA to ONLY US citizens and make the non-resident aliens EARN their US citizenship by LEARNING ENGLISH and learning how to Drive!!!!

Jumapili A.D. Ikuseghan
interesting… I don’t agree with you at all much on this… It is kinda bigoted opinions…and well my experience in both Russia and France even though I don’t speak Russian or French I benefited from their national health care. In France my emergency room bill was 126 euros, about $175, here it would have been upwards or $1000 an hour. And even though my Korean is not so great… kinda like a baby. I lived there for 3 years and had car insurance and was able to get housing and a license.

Honey this is the kinda ideas that are not okay but it is a free country after all however one should keep in your head and not really be spoken in polite company. We don’t have to conform to anyone. The point of this country is that we integrate and do that Melting Pot thing. And you may not be old enough to remember this… And possibly being from the west coast where there are not European ethnic pockets like where I am from. But my great grandmother… who I do remember came here on a boat from Europe. She did not speak english. But her 8 children did.

That girl he is talking to was not stupid. She was a victim off the kool aid and well sadly my friend in a different yet the same way so you.

Tena Stelly-Sumner
maybe you don’t see..that our own vets are living on the streets while there is illegal aliens taking up all of our benefits such as section 8. woman from foreign countries come here just to have their babies while our own woman here cant get health insurance and are having babies public restrooms. all im stating is that..US government benefits should solely be for US citizens!! the use of our borders are being abused and our own people cant get jobs, health benefits and our car insurance has gone up sky high because we have unlicensed drivers with no drivers license from foreign countries costing us billions in tax dollars. yes its a FREE country but DONT ADUSE our freedom!!

Tena Stelly-Sumner
and the only reason you think that way is because you have probably taken advantage of what the US has to offer.

Tena Stelly-Sumner
come walk a day in my shoes…it will give a an insight of how people with no social security number tries to fraud the US government for a federal tax return and then they go back across the border and spend US dollars!!

Jumapili A.D. Ikuseghan
1. Illegal Aliens don’t get section 8 or welfare. 2. You are damn right I took advantage of it… Of course I gave 12 years in the United States Army… 3. Again shhh keep that crazy bigoted crazy in your head. 4. So your assumption was what. I am an illegal alien because of my name? Huh… 5. You should be more worried about the rich white folks who are the predominate 1%er’s stealing from us as opposed to Jose running off for a spending binge with a $500 fake tax return.

Tena Stelly-Sumner
foreigners see the word FREE in freedom and they all come a running!!…and just an fyi..its pretty apparent you have not been to mexico, asia or any other middle eastern country because they have no health benefits…a few years ago mexico was chopping off heads of our US troops…for gods sake we were bombed thousands died on 9-11…and now we are housing the people whom hate us? makes no sense..

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