What if All Animals Were Fat

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This video is actually about fat African animals.  As I struggle along on this diet this reminds me why it’s important to try to get the pounds off.  I absolutely never wanna be chasing an antelope with that stereo typical African beat ringing in my years and end up doing the tumble weed across the Savannah.  It’s just plain embarrassing.

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[box type=”bio”] Why Are We So Fat

It’s become a far too familiar headline: Today one out of three Americans is obese, twice as many as three decades ago, and enough for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to declare obesity an epidemic. More disturbing are statistics relating to children: 15 percent of children and teens are overweight, a nearly three-fold jump from 1980. Obesity is defined by your body mass index, or BMI, a fancy calculation in which your weight is divided by your height. If it’s 25, you’re overweight. If it’s 30, you’re obese. Over 40, you’re morbidly obese. Cathy Newman[/box]

I use the Jawbone Up to help me reach my goals. And of course I have the blue one but they do come in a few other colors.


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