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  1. When your areacode is 206 and your so proud of it! I mean really, who else reps their area code?
  2. When you know what Ezells chicken is and the exact amount of your fav meal
  3. When you know what Philly’s is, and you know it’s the closest to Philly youll ever get.
  4. When you know that after every party DICK’S was the place to be
  5. When you remember going to FEVER (before it was Studio B youngns!)
  6. When you know that something isalways crackin at AM/PM In the CD or 7-11 in the South
  7. When your proud to be from the Central/CD or the SouthEnd
  8. When you used to go to South Center like it was a club, and refuse to call it by its new name
  9. When you made sure to go to the Bite every summer (but never without protection!)
  10. When you know what Torchlight is, and you know some shit is goin down!
  11. When you know what a Teezy party was back in the day
  12. When you went to Garfield, Franklin (the only place ta be) or Beach
  13. When you know who Rick is at Garfield “BULLDOGGSSS”
  14. When 90% of people you graduated with are parents now (Even before they graduated)
  15. When you remember hearing t-shirt and panties at every school Dance. Last Call everyone!
  16. When know you had to be at the Garfield vs. Franklin game and you know some shit is GOING DOWN; the whole police department knows It too.
  17. When you know no weed is coming close to your WEST COAST weed
  18. When you know what Bubbling Brown Sugar is
  19. When you don’t call Seattle, Seattle you call it Sea-Town, Tha 6 or The Town
  20. When kube 93 or X104.5 stayed on your radio
  21. When you take that long ass drive to the Puyallup Fair
  22. When you remember the days of Wild Waves and T.L.C
  23. When you use the words like Hella or Crackin
  24. When your tired of people always asking “Does It rain a lot in Seattle?”
  25. When you use the words, Sucker rather than Lolly-pop, pop rather than soda and forces rather than uptowns
  26. When you have seen Jamal Crawford, Jason Terry and Nate Robinson at least 10 time around the town
  27. You know were the “Ave” is and still call it by that name
  28. When you own a North Face, probably more than 1.
  29. When you knew who Mac Dre was WAAAAY back in the day and was singing about being a “boss dipped in sauce!” GET STUPID!
  30. When you know that when the south and the central district are at the same party someones gettin shot.
  31. When you know who is hittin licks cuz you see them stuntin in their cars
  32. When you told a story about something that went down on the 106 or 7 bus
  33. When you know all the ghetto kids stand on Henderson after school
  34. When you realize that there is truly NO PLACE LIKE SEATTLE!!!

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