Kayzoe Marketing LLC “Here’s Your Lesson”

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I responded yesterday to the RipOff Report posted by Longhorns Fan.  It really got me to thinking about how it is that of the four positions posted for employment at Kayzoe Marketing LLC 3 of them are for UNPAID Internships. Have we gotten to the point where people have to work for free in the hopes of getting a job?  It is sad we have employers who prey on people’s desire to work.

What does it say about Kayzoe Marketing that all the people who list them as previous place of employment on LinkedIn only one made it more than a few months?  So much for 85% conversion rate.  It has even come to my attention there are people who have worked there that don’t even list Kayzoe Marketing LLC in their work experience on LinkedIn at all… I would assume they don’t include it one their resume either.  What does that mean, they don’t want to be associated with having worked there?

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This has become so pathetic and sad. Can one single person show me where on the web the “Best of The Northwest” in Digital Media (2012) is discussed other than Internship solicitation by Kayzoe Marketing LLC.  If you do an are my friend or friend me on Facebook  I will send you a $5 Starbucks gift card. I got THHHAANGS to do, can we share fun of exposing this jack “donkey”?  My Google searches only find solicitations for free workers.

There is a lesson in all of this if one cares to learn.  Here is a great example of how a perspective Intern should be treated when offering you their services for free.  Especially one who is vastly over qualified for the position discussed.

Andrei Buicuic, keep this it in mind little boy the next time someone shows you some interest, instead of being threatened and throwing temper tantrums.  You never know when someone is going to find your bad behavior so offensive and actually have some ability to push back. I can not stand usury and bullies

Social Media Intern 06

Social Media Intern 05

Social Media Intern 04

Social Media Intern 03

Social Media Intern 02

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